Best wedding locations in Ireland

Wedding Video locations in Cork

Wedding locations in Cork

With The Rebel County’s coastline vista and mountainous backdrop, there’s everything a wedding videographer in Cork could wish for, complemented by architectural beauty and cultural landmarks aplenty.

Wedding Video locations Kerry

Wedding locations in Kerry

Anyone planning their wedding video in The Kingdom is guaranteed to feel like royalty, thanks to a sweeping landscape of misty mountains, crashing waves, and contemporised castle venues.

Wedding Video location Tipperary

Wedding locations in Tipperary

You’re sure to have a top league wedding in The Premier County, where the cloud-wreathed mountains and sun-dappled rivers are the perfect natural set dressing for a talented wedding videographer in Tipperary.

Wedding Video location Kilkenny

Wedding locations in Kilkenny

There’s so much to help a wedding videographer in Kilkenny deliver a top-quality wedding video, as The Marble City has grown into a bustling tourism hub known as much for its festivals and events as for its impressive array of historical buildings.